The Masterpiece Lock

Masterpiece locks are among the signature work of Robert Frieber, Artist In Iron.  In olden times, the main entrance door to a fine home was highly adorned to show off the wealth and status of the owner.  Some of the features often used to create the feeling of power and wealth in a main entrance are the size of the door, use of graphic relief in wood carving and metal panels, and lavish trim and coining.  However, the crowning jewels were always the hand forged hardware; the masterpiece locks, door handles, and hinges.

Often, the owners profession was expressed in the artwork of the masterpiece lock and hardware.  If the owners was a vintner, grape vines or wine kegs might be used in the motif of the hardware.  A ships captain might display a mermaid or an anchor.  The ultimate expression was to have a bust of the owner on the handle of the lock.  These works of art can be found, still in use on the main entrances of fine old mansions in England and Europe and in the collections of museums.  Robert Frieber, Artist in iron is one of the few remaining blacksmith shops that still produces this caliber of hand sculpted hardware on commission.

If you  are interested in having us design and build a custom  masterpiece lock or complete door treatment for your home or have another project you would like to discuss with us, feel free to contact us.

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